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Hi, my name is Alvaro, and I'm 15 years old. I've been studying english since I was 3, and I think that I have a good level. Also, I think I'm not very good at drawing, but that's why I'm here, to improve.

"Nunca ignores a alguien a quien le importas, un día te darás cuenta de que perdiste un diamante por estar coleccionando piedras."

Icons of my oc's: My babies icons by TheedgeofartIconPonyRequest-Spring Song by FluffyCold

oh look a stamp READ DESC. by Croconutatsuya stamp by mr-tiaaFubuki Shirou stamp by Monkeychild123IN11 Tsunami Stamp by CherryclawStamp IN11 - Tsunami Hiroto by ye-owlStamp IN11 - Otomura 01 by ye-owlIN11 Fubuki Stamp by CherryclawInaGo - Kirino stamp by Numbuh9Ina11 - Tobitaka stamp by Numbuh9Ina11 - Fubuki stamp by Numbuh9Ina11 - Max stamp by Numbuh9Kirino and Kariya stamp by LightJojoOC's Are My Babies by Foxxie-ChanMS Paint User Stamp by KishiFishy:thumb252178522:Kariya Masaki Stamp by Xipako


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Stolen from :iconsarahostervig:

You are fairly smart or geeky {X}

You are interested in myths and fantasy { }

You enjoyed fairy tales as a kid {X

You... STILL... enjoy fairy tales {X}

You wear glasses { }

Your favorite pony from the Mane 6 is Twilight Sparkle { } 

You believe lots of things { } 

You watched Lord of the Rings and loved it {} (I haven't watched it)

You've been called a "nerd" before (X

You believe in magic ()

Total: 4


You have never bullied anybody {X}

You keep secrets fairly well {X

You are attractive personality-wise { 

You have at least 100 friends { } 

Friendship IS Magic! {X}

You don't like to do anything that would hurt someone physically or mentally {X}

Your favorite pony from the Mane 6 is Fluttershy { }

You haven't teased anybody before { } 

You defend for your friends {X}

You HATEHATEHATE swear words/cursing { }

Total: 5


You answered all these questions (including this one) truthfully {X}

You admitted you did something wrong before {X}

You never lie { }

You can tell if someone lies {/}

You look a person straight in the eye when you speak {X

Your favorite mane 6 pony is Applejack { }

You honestly don't care what others think of you {X

You try to keep all negative thoughts to yourself { }

Your friends trust you more than anypony else that, in your knowledge, they know { }

You enjoy time with buddies! {X}

Total: 5.5






You are very random! {X}

Your favorite Mane 6 pony is Pinkie Pie! {X

You enjoy making everypony laugh! {X}

You just so happen to like exclamation points! {X}


You are always happy, hardly ever sad! {X}

When you are sad, you have a depressing side to you... { }

Total: 8


You are always willing to lend a hoof {X}

You have given two or more of your things to a friend { }

You trust your friends enough with your most valuable belongings { }

You have done five or more things in your life for one of your friends {X}

You have risked an injury or worse for a friend or family member { }

Your favorite Mane 6 pony is Rarity { } 

You give the best birthday gifts to friends { }

You love to help out with any projects { }

You take kindly to beggars { 

You'd be okay if somepony you tagged didn't do this meme {X

Total: 3


You love your friends, and stick with them {X}

You don't like to follow the crowd {X}

You are confident in yourself { } 

Others find you cool and attractive { 

You try to stand up for others and you {X

You brush off any insults somepony says to you {/

You are a person who expresses agreeing or disagreeing a lot {X}

Your favorite Mane 6 pony is Rainbow Dash { } 

You have never betrayed a friend {X}

You find anyone who isn't "on your side" strange { }

Total: 5.5

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Umm... I'm doing a fakemon auction..… Please come check it out :)
Thank you :D
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In response to your post on my wall: Go ahead and use it. You created it anyway!
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Oh, thank you, but, I asked because maybe you didn't want to do that, as I gave you my permission to use it freely, and now I'm taking it away. Really thank you, it will help me to complete my own region dex.
KateVunza Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014
I forgot to tell you... I kind of already DID use your Fakemon in the tail end of the cancelled project. It's in one of the two "bonus" chapters.…

Should I take it down?
Theedgeofart Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014  Student Writer
Oh, no, no problem, I gave you my permission to use it, so there's no problem with it ;)
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Well, it's fine. My project was canceled anyway.

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You cancelled your project? It could be awesome, I thought it was a pretty cool idea.

Maybe if you want and have time, we can work together in my project, as I'm alone with it atm.
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thanks for watching!
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FrozenFeather Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thank you!
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